Meet Laxman, our Mixologist

When asked “why do you like being a bartender?” this smile spreads across Laxman’s face as he replies:
“I feel that being a bartender is a job that allows me to be creative, gives me a chance to meet new and interesting people. To get to know what they like to drink and to create this for them”.

When Laxman is not at the Club mixing cocktails for our members, he is a very busy young man who is studying a Master of Business Administration & Professional Accounting. He is also very entrepreneurial as he has his own cleaning business. “Who needs sleep?” he says!

Fun Facts About Laxman

Favourite Drink

Favourite Food
Momo – quote “I like Momo more than any other food in this world” (now that is a statement, haha)

Family Pets
None, but he always asks how all our fur babies are and likes to see photos


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