Please note our next meeting is 7.00pm Tuesday 12th December in Rooms 6/7 in the Breakfast Point Admin Building.
All are welcome to attend, but please RSVP via email if you wish to attend the meeting.

Sharing information and ideas about strata living at Breakfast Point

There are over 70,000 Strata in NSW and there are 49 strata, four communities, and five precincts/neighbourhoods in Breakfast Point. Importantly, there are many in BP who share our concerns and frustrations and are seeking information to help us in our day to day interface with lot owners, fellow committee members, strata managers and contractors.

The BP Strata Network is a self-help group which tries to:

  • Improve individuals’ knowledge of the functioning of Strata, in particular the operation of an Executive.
  • Provide an opportunity for interested parties to become aware of the responsibilities of executive members and thus encourage greater participation.
  • Share experiences to reduce the need to “reinvent” the wheel.
  • Reduce costs and effort by sharing resources and experiences.
  • Provide a resource library of information relating to strata management.

The Network enables us to ask questions in a friendly environment and get responses from others who may have previously gone down a particular path.


Meetings are open to Owners Corporation members and interested lot owners. Contractors or prospective contractors should not attend as there is potential for commercial advantage.

Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each even month @ 7.00 pm

Strata Schemes Management Act – survey results August 2021

BP Strata and Precinct Map – 11 July 2021 KG





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