One of the most popular external spaces on our Estate is the parkland running the full length of our boundary with Parramatta River – known to all as ‘the foreshore’. This area is owned by the City of Canada Bay and leased to the Breakfast Point Community Association for 299 years, commencing on 9 October 2006. This critical asset can be used by anyone wishing to enjoy it. The foreshore is open to the general public – a condition of the lease.

This lovely space provides many recreational opportunities:

  • Exercising – whether walking or jogging or cycling; or
  • Enjoying the sunshine and fresh air and river breezes; or
  • Viewing the activity on the river – even if it’s just the mesmerising tidal flows.

What a great place to spend some time – it’s rejuvenating!

No need to book anything – no timetables – no costs. Enjoy!